It's Not Just a Game

8:47 AM Posted by Lori Calabrese

I have no idea how August snuck up on me, but it did. Perhaps it was the lack of summer we had here in the northeast, or the sudden burst of warm weather we're now experiencing. Either way, we're in the heart of summer and it's a great time to get your young readers outdoors! And when they're finally tired out and need some time to chill, have them read about play and the science of fun! The July/ August 2009 issue of Odyssey Magazine tackles that topic, 'Let's Play! The Science of Fun.'

I was honored to be able to contribute an article-- It's Not Just a Game. Sports are probably as old as humanity, and when we play baseball or basketball we do it for fun. But what, besides having a good time, is the ultimate value of sports? Explore the origins of some of our favorite sports and why playing or watching them goes beyond just having a good time.

I loved putting this article together because sports have been an integral part of my life. There's something about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat that lends itself to wonderful stories-both fiction and nonfiction. I've always found myself drawn to books about sports, I absolutely love writing stories that involve sports and it was this article that sparked the idea of starting this blog. So if you get the chance, please check out this month's issue and you'll be surprised to learn that sports are more than just fun!
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  1. Dawn P said...

    How can I download a copy of your article, "It's Not Just a Game"? Thanks
    Dawn P

  2. Dawn P said...

    How can I download a copy of your article, "Its Not Just a Game"? Thanks

  3. Lori Calabrese said...


    Thanks so much for your interest in the article, "It's Not Just a Game." It's not available for download, unfortunately, but if you use the contact form on this page, I can send you info on how to get a copy of the magazine.