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7:34 PM Posted by Lori Calabrese

In the technology age we live in, we've all heard how important it is to teach children to get up and get outside. There are many ways to pass along the love of the outdoors and one is this wonderful series of children's books by Kirk Werner. Whether you have a family lured by the appeal of flyfishing or not, this series of books will get young readers hooked on the outdoors and reading.

In the first book of the series, Olive the Little Woolly Bugger (Olive Flyfishing), we follow Olive as she attends Camp Tightloops to realize her dream of making it to The Fly Box, so she can catch a fish. Like some children at their first day of camp or school, Olive finds she's different than the others and doesn't quite fit in. She wants to be a dry fly like her colorful companions, Randal the Royal Coachman, Sally the Yellow Sally, and Stan the Stimulator. But Olive learns along the way she's destined for something else. Olive has many talents and learns that she's a streamer fly whose job is to swim into deep pools and attract fish not feeding on the surface. This is a wonderful story that will teach young readers about different types of lures (imitations of insects, fish and other animals used to catch fish). But aside from the fishing aspect, this book has broad appeal because whether this is your first introduction to flyfishing, or you're a pro, the underlying message of perseverance, not giving up, and that it's okay to be different will relate to everyone.

The second book in the series, Olive and the Big Stream (Olive Flyfishing), sees Olive on her first adventure into The Big Stream. Olive's made it to the big time, but will she be able to deliver a wild trout? This fact-filled sequel teaches young readers about different types of flies, the art of flyfishing, and that wild fish should be released so they could live and grow and produce other fish. Even young readers with no knowledge of flyfishing will enjoy the adventure and drama and cheer Olive on as she darts into the current to nab her first catch!

In the third book of the series, Olive Goes for a Wild Ride (Olive Flyfishing), Olive does just that. Since graduating from Camp Tightloops, Olive and the new flies have fished many different places, but this time, Olive gets snagged on a log and her line breaks. Fortunately for Olive, she snags a new friend, Clark, the small fry with a big heart that will help Olive find her way home back to the Fly Box. This is almost a nonfiction book in disguise as this delightful story teaches young readers about steelhead trout, spawning salmon, nymphs, and many other creatures under the sea.

These books are truly unique in that they introduce young readers to the sport of flyfishing in an entertaining way. As somebody with no experience or interest in flyfishing, I found these books fun to read, educational, and entertaining. The bright and colorful illustrations are amazing and so much fun to view. How many books have you seen where the characters are lures? There's more text in these stories than most picture books, which makes them suitable for ages 6 and up, but the eye-catching illustrations will appeal to children of all ages. So grab a line and reel in this series that will get your young readers loving the outdoors and the art of flyfishing.

Additional Information:
Olive the Little Woolly Bugger's Official Website
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  1. Donna M. McDine said...

    Hi Lori:

    Terrific review of this ingenious series of books. I agree how important it is to get the children out their and exploring and experiencing the world. Thanks for bringing this series to my attention. Keep up the great work.