Tiger Woods' Action Plan

10:21 AM Posted by Lori Calabrese

I'm always impressed when athletes use their celebrity to encourage literacy and education. Many participate in literacy programs and have put together their own foundations to not only mentor those in need, but to encourage the importance of education. Tiger Woods has an amazing website and foundation that has even designed their own curriculum! Designed for teachers, classrooms, youth groups, clubs, and community centers nationwide, this character development program has helped change over 5 million lives through its focus on character education, volunteer service and career exploration.

Tiger’s Action Plan is designed to help kids set goals, lead and create positive changes. Whether you are a teacher who will be guiding others or a high school student who wants to complete the program on your own, these materials give you everything you need to begin planning for your future. Be sure to begin by reading the Letter of Introduction from Tiger Woods.

The Action Plan is based on the book Start Something by Earl Woods. Many passages from the book have been incorporated directly into curriculum activities. Additional passages (listed in each Teacher’s Guide under the heading “Tiger Time”) are suggested as supplemental readings to support each unit.

What are the materials?
All materials are free and include:
*Three Teacher’s Guides: Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School
*Age-appropriate student activities included in each Teacher’s Guide
*A High School Self-Study Guide for highly motivated 9th through 12th grade students to complete independently or with a mentor is available online to download and print at www.tigersactionplan.com
*A copy of Start Something by Earl Woods
*Additional activities that supplement the Teacher’s Guides are available online at

To date, over five million students and over 100,000 teachers throughout the country have used the program in groups, individually, and in student-mentor pairs.
Since 2000, the Action Plan has been shown to generate measurable improvement in students’ self-esteem, goal-setting abilities, and attitudes toward learning. The program inspires youth to believe in themselves and teaches them through experience that they can act on their dreams, make a difference in their community, and realize their potential one step at a time.
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  1. Anonymous said...

    I have tried and tried to get the page to open and it's just not working :( Would you be willing to send me the materials as an attachment in an email? I have, literally, been attempting to retrieve this curriculum for over 1.5 hours, all to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

  2. Lori Calabrese said...

    This was posted over a year ago, so it seems as though the website link has moved. If you google Tiger Woods Foundation, it will come up.