The Coolest Baseball Educational Packet!

9:05 AM Posted by Lori Calabrese

One great thing I love about having started this blog is that it gives me the opportunity to peruse the web to find some great sports literacy programs. It's interesting to see how our sports heroes use their celebrity to encourage kids to read and stress the importance of education.

One recent site I stumbled upon was the official Colorado Rockies site! Turns out, The Colorado Rockies work with many groups to help promote literacy. . .

*The Rockies Wives host an annual Book Drive to collect children's books for the Reach Out and Read Program. The Wives drop off their collections at a clinic and read books to the children in the waiting rooms. The Rockies Front Office staff participates in the National Read Across America Day at area schools reading their favorite Dr. Seuss books.

*The Colorado Rockies have supported the "Breaking Barriers - It's a Complete Game" since 1997. This is a school curriculum designed by Sharon Robinson, daughter of baseball legend, Jackie Robinson. Inspired by the life and characteristics of her father, who broke Major League Baseball's color barrier in 1947. Sharon's nine one-inning lessons talk about positive values, heroes and teamwork, as well as fun and interesting baseball facts. Each year, the participating schools have students write essays about the values set in the program. The top three essays in Denver receive prizes for the winners and their classes.

*But I have to admit, the coolest thing is the Rockies Educational Packet. Perhaps this is offered by other teams, but this is the first one I've seen (although I still have a ton of perusing to do!).

Supplement your lesson plans with the Colorado Rockies Educational Packet, available for all K-12 classrooms. Designed to meet the educational standards set by the department of education, the packet demonstrates the many ways learning can be tied to the game of baseball. Included in the packet are activities and ideas for the following subjects: Art, English, Geography, Health and Nutrition, History, Math, Music, Science, Speech and Drama.

Even if you're not a Colorado Rockies fan, there are so many great ideas in this packet you can tailor to your own team! And it's not just for teachers. If you're a parent taking your young fan to a game, but you'd also like to make it educational, there are a ton of things you can do to get your children thinking baseball!
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  1. Donna M. McDine said...

    Lori...what a wonderful resource of information. Terrific to know professional sport organizations are giving back and using their celebrity to get kids interested.


  2. Lori Calabrese said...

    I thought so too! This educational packet is amazing and a great resource for any teacher!

    Thanks for stopping by!