Opening Day! Get in the Game--Read!

9:21 AM Posted by Lori Calabrese

Photobucket Opening Day begins each year sometime around the beginning of April! It's a North American tradition that signals the beginning of a new baseball season. Spring has sprung, fields are perfectly manicured, and everyone's anxiously awaiting the Thwack of a bat smacking a little white sphere out of the park!

How could you not love the arrival of spring and baseball? I'll always remember attending baseball games at the Old Shea Stadium. Back then, I was pretty young and remember the struggle of having to sit still for so long. But the hot dogs and cotton candy got me by. As I got older, the tomboy in me began to break free and I truly appreciated sitting on those hard seats, taking in some fresh air on a spring day, watching the magic of a little game called baseball with the fam.

Being a girl and a baseball fan had its perks. After all, some guys dig chicks who can name players, know the rules, and don't mind going to a game for a date. In college, who knew I'd be interning for Diamond Vision and actually getting internship credit for watching baseball games--Sweet!

Now, as a Mom, I get a kick out of watching my three-year old smack a wiffle ball off his T, wind his leg up for a pitch, and can't wait to sit on the baseline for his first T-ball game.

Opening day is a day to start anew, forget about last season, and sniff the freshness of the just-popped popcorn! There's a rich history of special events that have taken place on Opening Day. Well, to add to the allure, I've started Get in the Game--Read where I can combine my two passions- sports and children's books!

Now...Play Ball!

Did you Know? The only no-hitter in Opening Day history took place in 1940 by Cleveland pitcher Bob Feller, ultimately a Hall of Famer.

"There is no sports event like Opening Day of baseball, the sense of beating back the forces of darkness and the National Football League."
—George Vecsey
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  1. Donald James Parker said...

    Hi Lori,
    I can smell the popcorn - but I'll refrain from taking out a mortgage for the $8 waters!
    I didn't realize you were so into sports. You should read my novel The Bulldog Compact. It's a great basketball book.
    Nice blog! I love the Leo Buscaglia quote. He was one of my favorites.
    Donald James Parker
    Author of Reforming the Potter's Clay

  2. Jen Robinson said...

    Love the new site, Lori! Enjoy Opening Day.

  3. Lori Calabrese said...

    Sorry about the $8 water, but times are tough! :) I'll definitely have to check out your novel, The Bulldog Compact. I'm so glad you pointed it out-you're truly an inspiration!

    I'm so glad you could stop by! It means a lot! Sorry you couldn't be at the real Opening Day! :( But like I said, there's still something about it even when you can't sit in the stands! :)

    All the best,

  4. Donna M. McDine said...

    Lori...terrific new blog. Well done...KUDOS. You sure know how to pull the reader in, even if they never have gone to a baseball stadium, you certainly paint a great picture! Hey, heard the Heinken's are $11 a pop at Yankee Statdium.

    Warmest regards,

  5. Lori Calabrese said...

    Thanks Donna! $11 bucks? And that my friends is what's wrong with this world--Yikes!

    Hopping over to your blog now to catch your interview with Margot Finke- can't wait to check it out!


  6. Heidi Estrin said...

    Yeah, what a great idea this blog is! I did a podcast on baseball books back in May 2007, if you want to hear a few interviews ( Looking forward to reading your posts!

  7. Lori Calabrese said...


    That's awesome! Thanks for sharing your podcast- I'll provide a link for it this week when I roundup "This Week in Sports Books!" That's exactly what I'm looking for. I hope to make this blog a place to find everything out there on sports books for kids and teens!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  8. ReadingTub said...

    Play ball! This is such a great idea Lori. It'll be fun following along through all of the seasons. Thanks for "playing" Nonfiction Monday today!

  9. Lori Calabrese said...

    Thanks, Terry! Glad you could stop by and I enjoyed "playing" Nonfiction Monday! Thanks for hosting! :)

    All the best,